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14 Jun 2017 This is heading directly into geek territory. But we are self-confessed geeks, particularly when it comes to logo design and typography. And that leads us to the meticulously regulated world of brand style manuals A style manual, or style guide, is a set of standards for the design of documents, signage, and
2 Oct 2017 22 Brand Style Guide Examples. 1) Medium. See the full brand guide here. 2) Wolf Circus Jewelry. See the full brand guide here. 4) Skype. See the full brand guide here. 6) Barre & Soul. See the full brand guide here. 7) Spotify. See the full brand guide here. 8) Jamie Oliver. 9) Herban Kitchen. 10) Urban Outfitters.
MyGov.Scot Design Style Guide. A guide outlining design thinking and approach, covering Grid, Typography and Link language, with common element inline examples. patterns
12 May 2015 Foursquare. Check out this brand manual for Foursquare that gives detailed rundowns for the rules and guides to each of the design elements a brand needs to be consistent. AMD. Animal Planet. Apple. Argento. Barnes & Noble. Bing. Black Watch Global.

Hand-picked collection of brand style guide examples, pattern libraries and design manuals for inspiration. This is only a small selection of style guides and pattern libraries that I like, you should check out for more resources. If you like this collection of style
11 Nov 2015 Identifying your products as specific brand colors is another great cohesive branding style. In Jones Soda's case, they are using this as a guide to show the three primary color IDs (Pantone, CMYK, and RGB) to help maintain the branding across all of their brand mediums. Companies often separate their
6 Aug 2015 Traditionally these style guides were created as books which would be shared around to anyone who needed them. Nowadays it's just as popular to create a webpage dedicated to the company's branding guidelines. The following illustrative examples demonstrate the most important facets of any online
16 Mar 2017 In much the same way as we found wireframe sketching brand identities incredibly inspirational, web UI style guides have the same effect.
27 Oct 2015 Style guides, also known as style manuals in other circles, are sets of standards followed by specific brands when it comes to identifying their brand. It.